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Manga Addicts
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Welcome, welcome to my new found community!

I created this place for manga lovers to come and chat in. If you would much rather prefer the book over the anime, this is the place for you! Though there are a few rules that must be laid down first...

Community Rules:
1.) Do not disrespect others. If you do...you will have to face my wrath plain and simple.
2.) Do not make a totally irrelevant post please.
Example: Today my best friend yelled at me. I am so sad. I need a hug.
I have nothing against you but I didn't create this community so everyone could here your problems. Good post are like the folloeing
Example: Hooray I got the new volume of Chobit/Paradise Kiss/whatever!
3.) Please try to be litterate. I am not saying that any of you aren't it is just that I have seen some people out there who coulnd't spell pole if you asked them to. This includes the fact that I would rather not have you abreviate every other word in your posts. For the pure reason of some people do not know 1337 or any other things like that.
4.) Have fun, the most important rule of all.