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  2007.02.05  16.28
Hello all :)

Name:Jess Esa

A little about you:16,Living in Wales

Why you like manga:I only very recently got in to manga and have only tried out a few titles uch as Fushigi yugi,yellow and love mode all leant to me by friends but although I've barley scratched the surface I really really love manga now.I honestly don't know ow I missed it my whole life.I'm not really in to anime yet but I prefer books to tv anyway and the drawings are so lovley in manga that I don't think I will get in to anime.
Unfortunatley I'm so strapped for cash and it's so hard to get hold of them here that my manga appetite is very rarley satisfied :(

Mood: happy

  2005.08.02  10.26
A little about moi

So here is a little bit about me.

Name: I prefer to go by silly names such as Yours Truly. It's either that or Kait.
A little about you: I am a regular teen who thinks Brian Molko is God. I am planning to have a career as a fashion designer.
Why you like manga: I love the fact that manga is the original. Sometimes in anime they can add or take away things. Butthe manga is the original. The real deal. And it's awsome. I also would rather veg with a book rather than a t.v.

Yours Truly

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  2005.08.02  09.23
I welcome you with open arms, give me a hug

So I created this community for all the people who love manga. Manga mind you...not anime. The anime is all fine and good, but this is a community for those who have a passion for the manga versions. Wether you like Paradise Kiss and MARS or One Piece and Ceres, every manga lover is welcome here in this community.

If all the new members could make the following thier first post that would be fantastic!
A little about you:
Why you like manga:

Yours Truly.

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